How to Clear Your DUI Record

DUI records are can follow someone for a long time and prove incredibly damaging when looking for a job or getting insurance.  But, even if you have faced one or more DUI charges, you have a chance to clear your records. 

Use these tips to finally expunge your DUI records and have a clean slate.

Clearing Your DUI Records with the Help of an Attorney

Start researching local attorneys and  find one that specializes in DWI or DUI cases.  An entire industry of these specialized lawyers have sprung up in recent years.  Just make sure your chosen attorney is certified as an operator of breath tests, certified as a trainer for Standardized Field Sobriety Test or SFST.

Having these credentials will insure that your DUI attorney will be able to see flaws in police actions or arrests that could help you walk away from your charges, no matter how long they have been on your record.

Clearing Your DUI Records Yourself - Click Here

It'll be a much more arduous, but you can also clean your DUI records yourself. This is possible by filling out forms and submitting them to public office.  DUI laws allow you to keep the charges off your background check and your records.  They will still show up for police, but hopefully you won't make the same mistakes again that got you DUI.

The forms are the same that an attorney would file, but without the clout of a lawyer, it will be hard to actually argue your case.  But if you just want to get your license back, you may as well save a lot of money and do it yourself.

Oftentimes, with either a lawyer's help or your own efforts, anyone caught drunken driving will have to take one or more DUI classes.  DUI law changes dramatically from state to state, so check your local laws.

After a while, again depending on your state, your DUI charges will go away on their own.  You can check DUI records online through public record databases.

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