Finding A Good DUI Lawyer

Ideally, everyone would have a good attorney or lawyer in their address book. But most people only seek legal counsel after something bad has happened. So anyone looking to find a DUI attorney usually has plenty on their mind.

The first place to look for a good DUI lawyer is your friends and family. Ask them if they have a lawyer friend who specializes in DUI law. Drunk driving charges are one of the most prevalent criminal charges around, so most people know someone who has gotten a DUI, see what they did -- there is no substitute for good local information.

Want to talk to a DUI lawyer right now?

If that doesn't work, look to local sources for reputable DUI attorneys. The phone book will have all the listings and will tell you whether or not someone specializes in DUI laws. The local bar association will also be able to help. Call them and ask who has experience in DUI law.

Fees depend greatly on the experience and success rate of the DUI lawyer, DUI suspects can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 flat fee for help from a DUI attorney to $7,000 if their case goes to trial.

Newly created online directories can also be invaluable after a DUI. Online sources can give good DUI tips and direct suspects to good DUI lawyers in their area. There are a slew of sites designed to bring DUI suspects to DUI lawyers, it's just a matter of finding the right site for your area.

Research is key, find an attorney that looks good, look them up, make sure they have experience and have been successful in helping other people with their DUI problems.

Some sites will only direct suspects to the cheap As Seen on TV lawyers that will treat their clients like a number, not try very hard and move on when they get paid. A good lawyer will cost a little bit more (nay, a lot more) but getting a felony DUI conviction turned into a misdemeanor will save a lot of headache in the future, especially for job seekers who could miss out on good jobs because of their felony black eye.

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