Hit By A Drunk Driver?

I Was Hit By A Drunk Driver, What Do I Do?

Any accident is confusing, scary and most likely quite expensive, but dealing with a drunken driver adds even more confusion to the whole thing. 

Each state has different DUI laws and each lawyer will tell you something different.  This is why it is essential to find a good, experienced DUI lawyer to help you through your legal battle. 

The best DUI lawyers will have a lot of experience with personal injury, property damage and dealing with insurance companies.  It would be ideal to have a good personal injury lawyer in your rolodex, but most people don't start looking until they're in traction with a totaled car. 

DUI attorneys will vary in cost, but the average crash victim shouldn't skimp on legal representation.  Victims typically get the benefit of the doubt in DUI cases, so it's not hard for any lawyer to get a good settlement or conviction.  The better the lawyer, however, will get a bigger settlement and a bigger sum for pain and suffering.  They will cost more, but their fees will usually be offset by a large margin if they have the expertise to get a good settlement.

Things to Watch for in a DUI or DWI Attorney

Firstly, stay away from as seen on TV lawyers, they are typically new lawyers or companies with very impersonal, high-volume legal department.  These lawyers will seek the first or second settlement offer, take their cut and move on without putting the personal time into the victim's case.  They're cheap, but affordability now could mean big bills later when a nagging injury keeps you at the doctor's office years later. 

Speaking of doctors, stay away from lawyers who want you to only see their doctor.  It's fun and quirky in TV shows and movies, but this tactic typically means they are trying to drag any injury you get out to the maximum.  That could mean the DUI driver's insurance company will fight the case, saying your injuries are made up.  Any exaggeration of your DUI injury is a gamble with your money and your future -- it may be worth it to the lawyer, but it's not worth your risk and could leave you paying all the bills yourself. 

Use your family doctor, they know you and know what your treatment will be in years to come. 

Take heart, finding a good lawyer isn't that hard if you do your research and ask around.  Hopefully you'll be healed up and your car will be fixed in no time.

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